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eBook Highlight: Coal Combustion Products -- Their Nature, Utilization & Benefication

by Louisa Verma on 2022-04-05T10:00:00-07:00 in PCA EXECUTIVE REPORT, Engineering, Cement, E-BOOKS | Comments

Coal Combustion ProductsCoal Combustion Products (CCPs): Their Nature, Utilization and Beneficiation ebook is intended for those from the coal, cement, concrete, and construction industries seeking an in-depth guide to the characteristics, utilization, beneficiation, and environmental impacts of coal combustion by-products. 

The book provides an overview of waste materials produced during power generation from coal, exploring their nature, beneficiation techniques, applications, and environmental impacts. Focus is placed on coal fly ash, bottom ash, and flue gas desulfurization materials, and their employment in cement, concrete, gypsum products, aggregates, road construction, geotechnics, and agriculture. 


  • Part 1 - focuses on the nature of coal ashes, their origin, generation, and storage, both in ponds and landfill, as well as coal combustion by-products produced as a result of clean coal technologies.
  • Part 2 - considers the utilization of waste materials, including coal fly ash, bottom ash, and flue gas desulfurization materials, followed by a review of the latest research into innovative and advanced uses for coal ash. 
  • Part 3 - concentrates on the essential area of by-product beneficiation techniques and covers separation methods, thermal processing, and chemical passivation. 
  • Part 4 - addresses environmental issues, including the use of coal combustion by-products in green construction materials and the essential health and safety considerations associated with their use. 

Coal Combustion Products eBook aims to be your essential reference for:

  • an in-depth review of the origin and geochemistry of coal ash 
  • the utilization of coal combustion by-products as supplementary cementitious materials to reduce the anthropomorphic greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of ordinary Portland cement concrete 
  • the toxicology of coal combustion by-products

Due to licensing restrictions, access to ProQuest eBooks is limited to PCA Staff, Board Members and Committee Members only.

For more information, visit the PCA Library ProQuest Training page or click here to request ProQuest access. Click on a title link above to sign in and go directly to Coal Combustion Products eBook.

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